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Snowblind Network ® Online Privacy Policy

Who are we?

Snowblind is a AU company based around a structured gaming community, we respect the online privacy of any user to our network, we take it upon ourselves to keep our websites encrypted and your data Donated in secure and protected databases to ensure there is no data leakage. We take the utmost care when it comes to securing our network and making sure you know all about the rules and regulations for the network that is why we make sure it is being displayed globally on the website, this is not only to protect you but also to protect ourselves in the case of any circumstances being referred to court.

How do we collect personal data?

Snowblind Network only collect personal information in accordance with applicable laws, on-line visitors regularly submit data to the network through the following ways:

  • Buying virtual items on the global donation Donate
  • Registering to the various online services such as the forum, status page, etc
  • Accessing personalized areas of the network
  • Submitting complaints about other residents to the network
  • Visiting the Snowblind Website
  • Any online Competitions
  • For Technical or ‘quick support’
  • Connecting to any of the Snowblind Network Game Servers

Some of the data collected above is not always collected if you are simply visiting the Network’s global page, specific data is collected such as Age, Street address and other information when donation is purchasing in game items due to laws we abide which protect us from chargebacks and other forms of fraudulent user payment. Information is never disclosed to other parties in this case unless the situation is taken to court as explained above, but “Chargeback” and “Refunds” and not available via this network and any attempt to use either method will result in a permanent ban from all Snowblind services, this is not through any means of disrespect this is through the means of justice towards the network and to prevent any further ‘scamming’ or ‘fraudulent activity’

We exercise the right to report any scammers to higher authorities of the United States government in order to reDonate justice and to protect other networks from any kind of injustice, information such as real-names, addresses, payment information will NOT be disclosed to anybody unless needed as evidence in law cases.

Any visitors purchasing products or services will be required to submit additional information, such as a valid credit card number and credit card expiration date.

How do we make sure your personal data is protected?

Snowblind Network has adopted the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical protective measures. This comprehensive standard is intended to help organizations proactively protect customer account data; particularly with regard to credit card payments.

Your web browser or your client software will forward to Snowblind geographical information, data concerning your computer (e.g. capabilities, game data processing, and browser type,) and data concerning the way you use the products and services (e.g. log in and log out time).

Snowblind Forums ask that you submit information about a username which would strongly suggest not being your real name nor a friend’s name or a copyright or trademarked name. This is solely to protect your identity and the identity of others.</p>

What are cookies and what do we use them for?

We also collect Cookies! We use cookies for some features of the site such as you being logged in and saving user data towards your owned PC or device, this could be effective for saving login details to your local cache or other services along those lines, if you feel unsure about our cookies you can disable them but of course we don’t recommend it. Please consult your browser documentation with regards to how your cookies are Donated as turning them off may result in some websites features not functioning normally.

What is an IP Address and what do we use it for?

How we use your IP, due to your IP address being assigned to you/ your computer which has been designated to you by your internet service provider (ISP) Snowblind Network may require IP addresses for any misuse of its server, this is another way we can create a clean and healthy environment for our network and keep unwanted or banned players off the server. Any use of VPN’s or proxies to re-gain access to a server will result in a further ban, please note the sequential ban does not need to be discussed and can we conducted without reason as long as a manager or admin see’s fit.

What is our tracking server used for?

Your information is gold to us! When you look around our website and click on different parts or donation for different server we send all that data to the Snowblind tracking server so we can create more exciting and better services based on what the majority of the playerbase is looking at/ purchasing. The Snowblind Tracking server is provided by Google analytics, if you have any questions about the data transmission between Snowblind and google you can consult Google analytics FAQ for many of your questions.

As a Network that provides services to Minors we feel obligated to protect information obtained by young children, we would strongly urge parents to instruct their children never to disclose their real name, their address and their telephone number while they are online without prior permission. No information should be transmitted to Snowblind Network by minors under the age of 12.

Adolescents ages 13-17 years should ask their parents to read our privacy policy and to contact us if they would like any information on our guarantee of confidentiality

Will donators get their money back if they get banned?

Getting banned as a donor is something that is your responsibility, if you are seen or heard breaking any form of network rules and Admin, Moderator, Manager, Owner, or any other network staff member can and will exercise their right to punish you, therefore being permanently banned for your own actions as a donator you will NOT receive any form of refund as this was your own choice to disobey the rules set by the specified Server. Appealing on the Forum is allowed and will be handled by a Server staff member or a Network Staff member, please note any ruling done by a Network staff member is final and cannot be overruled, Attempting to charge back after being banned from a server will not be met with a friendly face, our Network is known for its fair and reasonable staff members but we also has a 98.5% Chargeback win rate when dealing with Scammer or Server Donors who feel they need to try their luck. Connecting to any of the Snowblind Services indicates that you agree to the terms set above and that you will comply with the regulations set by the network. If you do not accept our agreements please do not visit our website and refrain from joining our public gaming servers.

Thanks! -Snowblind Team