Who are the staff of Snowblind?

You can find the current staff roster by going to our staff roster.

Open staff positions

The following staff positions are currently open for applications, which you can post at our forum.

  • Server Manager: have a good idea for a server? Propose the idea to us and if it’s good you can be manager! A server manager has control over the development of a server and gets some of the donations.
  • Chat Moderator: stop people from advertising other servers or spamming on the game server.
  • Public Relations Manager: is responsible for the text in places like our website and signs at spawn as well as facilitating advertismement campaings.
  • Graphic Designer: responsible for server banners, custom main menus, logos and banners for modpacks, and miscellaneous graphics for our website.
  • Website Developer: responsible for touching up HTML and CSS layouts on our website, forum, panel and Buycraft sites.