Voltz 1.7.10

Voltz Community Modpack

  • Modpack: Voltz 1.7.10
  • Minecraft version: 1.7.10
  • IP: vcm.snowblind.net.au
  • Notable plugins: McMMO, CombatTag, PvPLevels, PlayerHeads, DiscordSRV, ChestShop
Here at Snowblind Voltz Community we provide the highest quality Voltz experience, with features such as:
  • All dupe glitches fixed
  • Player Shops at spawn
  • Very few banned items (just spatial pylons and formulaic assemblicators for now, working on fixes)
  • Players drop their heads on death
  • Ender quarries and digital miners honor forcefield protection
  • EMPs and trackers work like in the original Voltz modpack
  • Power Armor protects against radiation
  • Ender quarries have a maximum width of 80 (no more quarrying the entire map)
  • Meteors only fall within 2000 blocks of spawn in each planet other than the overworld (people can’t find your moon base by the amount of meteors above it)