Snowblind Launcher

Snowblind now has a launcher from which to run our modpacks! Download it now to play on our servers and see sneak peeks of our new modpacks!

Make sure you adjust your allocated RAM before playing! The settings screen can be found after you log in.

Caveat: this will be shown on Microsoft SmartScreen as untrusted until we purchase a code signing certificate.

System requirements

Windows: Oracle Java 8 (latest version), or OpenJDK 8 with JavaFX installed.

Linux/Macintosh: OpenJDK 8 (latest version) with JavaFX enabled. JavaFX is usually enabled by default.

How to install JavaFX on Windows

If your client complains about lack of JavaFX and you have OracleJRE 11 or OpenJDK 8/11, follow these instructions:

  • Download JavaFX 11 Windows SDK from
  • Find your JRE install directory (should be something like C:\Program Files\Java\java-8)
  • Extract openjfx-[version] into your JRE install directory, choosing not to overwrite new files)