Snowblind Farming Plus

Welcome to Snowblind Farming Plus, a Farmville and Farming Simulator inspired modpack based around agriculture!
Have fun living the simple country life, farming grain and tending animals. This modpack features some of the best farm-based mods such as Agricraft, Growthcraft, Forestry (with add-ons), Animania, and so much more.

As a relatively lightweight 1.12.2 pack (~50 non-tech and non-magic mods) this should run well on any modern computer.

On the official server you can use our custom islands plugin to create your own farm island in which to farm in peace. Progress through in-game ranks with the money you earn from selling your crops to be able to unlock, grow, and sell new crops for more money. Your own dimension starts as a 3x3 Chunks, can get up to 16x16 Chunks.